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Farmer Pedro Alvarez de Las Empanadas, after several night visions, is finally convinced that his beloved cows have a special gift.

In the grasslands of his country grows an ancient grass that natives once used for shamanic rituals. One of these was the 'Song to the rain a little less', an easy ritual which didn't have the power to evoke the rain, but to slightly reduce the water flow of a storm, with raindrops a little bit smaller and a little less annoying.

During his long days spent sitting in the grasslands, looking his cows in the eyes, Pedro understood that those animals were giving back to the world the gift offered from the precious ground.

That's why he decided to collect and to bottle his cattles' droppings, personally taking care of a series of very careful empirical tests on the effectiveness of MIERDADEVACAS.

In 1957 Pedro Alvarez De Las Empanadas officially starts his experimentations on MIERDADEVACAS, coming up with different mixtures for specific situations and needs. Today Pedro still keeps up his work, sharing with humanity his little treasure.

MIERDADEVACAS can't be properly defined as a lucky charm, MIERDADEVACAS is a worst reductor.

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